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A Bite To Remember by [Lynsay Sands] A Bone to Pick by [Charlaine Harris]
A Dangerous Man by [Charlie Huston] A Dark Ones Novel by [Katie MacAlister]
A Discovery of Witches by [Deborah Harkness] A Fistful of Charms by [Kim Harrison]
A Fool And His Honey by [Charlaine Harris] A Girl's Guide To Vampires by [Katie MacAlister]
A Quick Bite by [Lynsay Sands] A Touch of Dead by [Charlaine Harris]
All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire by [Kerrelyn Sparks] All Together Dead by [Charlaine Harris]
Already Dead by [Charlie Huston] An Ice Cold Grave by [Charlaine Harris]
An Insider's Guide by [J.R.Ward] Angels' Blood by [Nalini Singh]
Animal Instincts by [Gena Showalter] Armor by [John Steakley]
Ashes of Midnight by [Lara Adrian] Awakened by [Kristin Cast]
Be Still My Vampire Heart by [Kerrelyn Sparks] Because Your Vampire Said So by [Michele Bardsley]
Betrayed by [Kristin Cast] Bite Club by [Rachel Caine]
Bite Me If You Can by [Lynsay Sands] Biting Cold by [Chloe Neill]
Bitten by [Kelley Armstrong] Black Blood by [Christopher Pike]
Black Dawn by [L.J.Smith] Black Magic Sanction by [Kim Harrison]
Blackwood Farm by [Anne Rice] Blood and Chocolate by [Annette Curtis Klause]
Blood And Gold by [Anne Rice] Blood Bound by [Patricia Briggs]
Blood Brothers by [Brian Lumley] Blood Canticle by [Anne Rice]
Blood Debt by [Tanya Huff] Blood Lines by [Tanya Huff]
Blood Pact by [Tanya Huff] Blood Price by [Tanya Huff]
Blood Promise by [Richelle Mead] Blood Trail by [Tanya Huff]
Bloodlust by [L.J.Smith] Bloodshot by [Cherie Priest]
Bloodsucking Fiends by [Christopher Moore] Bloody Bones by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton]
Blue Bloods by [Melissa de la Cruz] Blue Moon by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton]
Bone Crossed by [Patricia Briggs] Breaking Dawn by [Stephenie Meyer]
Brimstone Kiss by [Carole Nelson Douglas] Bullet by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton]
Burned by [Kristin Cast] Burnt Offerings by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton]
Carpe Corpus by [Rachel Caine] Carpe Jugulum by [Terry Pratchett]
Caught Stealing by [Charlie Huston] Cerulean Sins by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton]
Chalice by [Robin McKinley] Chosen by [Kristin Cast]
Circus of the Damned by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton] Club Dead by [Charlaine Harris]
Covet by [J.R.Ward] Coyote Blue by [Christopher Moore]
Crave by [J.R.Ward] Creatures of Forever by [Christopher Pike]
Cry Wolf by [Patricia Briggs]
Dancing with Werewolves by [Carole Nelson Douglas] Dangerous Games by [Keri Arthur]
Danse Macabre by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton] Dark Angel by [L.J.Smith]
Dark Angel; The Chosen; Soulmate by [L.J.Smith] Dark Celebration by [Christine Feehan]
Dark Challenge by [Christine Feehan] Dark Curse by [Christine Feehan]
Dark Demon by [Christine Feehan] Dark Descent by [Christine Feehan]
Dark Desire by [Christine Feehan] Dark Destiny by [Christine Feehan]
Dark Dream by [Christine Feehan] Dark Fire by [Christine Feehan]
Dark Gold by [Christine Feehan] Dark Guardian by [Christine Feehan]
Dark Hunger by [Christine Feehan] Dark Legend by [Christine Feehan]
Dark Lover by [J.R.Ward] Dark Magic by [Christine Feehan]
Dark Melody by [Christine Feehan] Dark Peril by [Christine Feehan]
Dark Possession by [Christine Feehan] Dark Predator by [Christine Feehan]
Dark Prince by [Christine Feehan] Dark Reunion by [L.J.Smith]
Dark Secret by [Christine Feehan] Dark Slayer by [Christine Feehan]
Dark Symphony by [Christine Feehan] Darke by [Angie Sage]
Darker Angels by [Daniel Abraham] Daughters of Darkness by [L.J.Smith]
Dead and Dateless by [Kimberly Raye] Dead and Gone by [Charlaine Harris]
Dead as a Doornail by [Charlaine Harris] Dead Beat by [Jim Butcher]
Dead Giveaway by [Charlaine Harris] Dead in the Family by [Charlaine Harris]
Dead Over Heels by [Charlaine Harris] Dead Reckoning by [Charlaine Harris]
Dead to the World by [Charlaine Harris] Dead Until Dark by [Charlaine Harris]
Dead Witch Walking by [Kim Harrison] Deadspawn by [Brian Lumley]
Deadspeak by [Brian Lumley] Death Masks by [Jim Butcher]
Death's Excellent Vacation by [Charlaine Harris] Deeper Than Midnight by [Lara Adrian]
Definitely Dead by [Charlaine Harris] Dime Store Magic by [Kelley Armstrong]
Dracula by [Bram Stoker] Dragonhaven by [Robin McKinley]
Drink Deep by [Chloe Neill]
Eat Prey Love by [Kerrelyn Sparks] Eclipse by [Stephenie Meyer]
Embraced by Darkness by [Keri Arthur] Envy by [J.R.Ward]
Even Vampires Get the Blues by [Katie MacAlister] Every Witch Way But Dead by [Kim Harrison]
Evil Thirst by [Christopher Pike]
Fade Out by [Rachel Caine] Fallen by [Lauren Kate]
Falling Under by [Gwen Hayes] Feast of Fools by [Rachel Caine]
Feet of Clay by [Terry Pratchett] Flirt by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton]
Fluke or I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings by [Christopher Moore] Flyte by [Angie Sage]
Fool Moon by [Jim Butcher] For A Few Demons More by [Kim Harrison]
Forbidden Nights With A Vampire by [Kerrelyn Sparks] Friday Night Bites by [Chloe Neill]
Frognapped by [Angie Sage] From Dead to Worse by [Charlaine Harris]
Frostbitten by [Kelley Armstrong] Full Moon Rising by [Keri Arthur]
Ghost Story by [Jim Butcher] Ghost Town by [Rachel Caine]
Ghostsitters by [Angie Sage] Glass Houses by [Rachel Caine]
Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse by [Victor Gischler] Grave Peril by [Jim Butcher]
Grave Secret by [Charlaine Harris] Grave Sight by [Charlaine Harris]
Grave Surprise by [Charlaine Harris] Guilty Pleasures by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton]
Guilty Pleasures by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton] Gun Monkeys by [Victor Gischler]
Half the Blood of Brooklyn by [Charlie Huston] Hard Bitten by [Chloe Neill]
Heart of the Dragon by [Gena Showalter] Hit List by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton]
Hunted by [Kristin Cast] Hunting Ground by [Patricia Briggs]
Huntress by [L.J.Smith]
Incubus Dreams by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton] Interview With The Vampire by [Anne Rice]
Iron Kissed by [Patricia Briggs] Island of the Sequined Love Nun by [Christopher Moore]
Jewel of Atlantis by [Gena Showalter]
Kiss of Crimson by [Lara Adrian] Kiss of Death by [Rachel Caine]
Kiss of Midnight by [Lara Adrian] Kiss the Dead by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton]
Kissing Sin by [Keri Arthur]
Lamb The Gospel According to Biff Christs Childhood Pal by [Christopher Moore] Last Scene Alive by [Charlaine Harris]
Living Dead in Dallas by [Charlaine Harris] Lord of Misrule by [Rachel Caine]
Lost in Time by [Melissa de la Cruz] Love Bites by [Lynsay Sands]
Lover Avenged by [J.R.Ward] Lover Awakened by [J.R.Ward]
Lover Enshrined by [J.R.Ward] Lover Eternal by [J.R.Ward]
Lover Mine by [J.R.Ward] Lover Revealed by [J.R.Ward]
Lover Unbound by [J.R.Ward] Lover Unleashed by [J.R.Ward]
Magic Bites by [Ilona Andrews] Magic Bleeds by [Ilona Andrews]
Magic Burns by [Ilona Andrews] Magic Slays by [Ilona Andrews]
Magic Strikes by [Ilona Andrews] Magyk by [Angie Sage]
Making Money by [Terry Pratchett] Marked by [Kristin Cast]
Masquerade by [Melissa de la Cruz] Memnoch the Devil by [Anne Rice]
Merrick by [Anne Rice] Micah by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton]
Midnight Alley by [Rachel Caine] Midnight Awakening by [Lara Adrian]
Midnight Rising by [Lara Adrian] Midnight Sun by [Stephenie Meyer]
Monstrous Regiment by [Terry Pratchett] Moon Called by [Patricia Briggs]
Much Ado About Vampires by [Katie MacAlister] My Dead Body by [Charlie Huston]
My Haunted House by [Angie Sage]
Narcissus in Chains by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton] Necroscope by [Brian Lumley]
New Moon by [Stephenie Meyer] No Dominion by [Charlie Huston]
Obsidian Butterfly by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton] On the Prowl by [Patricia Briggs]
Origins by [L.J.Smith]
Pale Demon by [Kim Harrison] Passion by [Lauren Kate]
Personal Demon by [Kelley Armstrong] Phantom by [L.J.Smith]
Phantom by [Christopher Pike] Physik by [Angie Sage]
Playing With Fire by [Gena Showalter] Poppy Done to Death by [Charlaine Harris]
Practical Demonkeeping by [Christopher Moore] Proven Guilty by [Jim Butcher]
Queste by [Angie Sage]
Real Murders by [Charlaine Harris] Real Murders by [Charlaine Harris]
Reaper Man by [Terry Pratchett] Red Dice by [Christopher Pike]
Revelations by [Melissa de la Cruz] River Marked by [Patricia Briggs]
Secret Life of a Vampire by [Kerrelyn Sparks] Secret Vampire by [L.J.Smith]
Sex and the Single Vampire by [Katie MacAlister] Sex Lies and Vampires by [Katie MacAlister]
Sexiest Vampire Alive by [Kerrelyn Sparks] Shades of Midnight by [Lara Adrian]
Silver Borne by [Patricia Briggs] Single White Vampire by [Lynsay Sands]
Six Bad Things by [Charlie Huston] Skin Trade by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton]
Sleepless by [Charlie Huston] Small Favor by [Jim Butcher]
Some Girls Bite by [Chloe Neill] Soulmate by [L.J.Smith]
Spellbinder by [L.J.Smith] Spirit Bound by [Richelle Mead]
Storm Front by [Jim Butcher] Suicide Squeeze by [Victor Gischler]
Summer Knight by [Jim Butcher] Sunshine by [Robin McKinley]
Syren by [Angie Sage]
Taken by Midnight by [Lara Adrian] Tall Dark and Hungry by [Lynsay Sands]
Tempted by [Kristin Cast] Tempting Evil by [Keri Arthur]
The Amazon's Curse by [Gena Showalter] The Awakening by [L.J.Smith]
The Blue Sword by [Robin McKinley] The Chosen by [L.J.Smith]
The Craving by [L.J.Smith] The Darkest Fire by [Gena Showalter]
The Darkest Kiss by [Gena Showalter] The Darkest Night by [Gena Showalter]
The Darkest Pleasure by [Gena Showalter] The Day Watch by [Sergei Lukyanenko]
The Dead Girls' Dance by [Rachel Caine] The Fifth Elephant by [Terry Pratchett]
The Fury by [L.J.Smith] The Good The Bad And The Undead by [Kim Harrison]
The Hero and the Crown by [Robin McKinley] The Historian by [Elizabeth Kostova]
The Julius House by [Charlaine Harris] The Killing Dance by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton]
The Lair Of The White Worm by [Bram Stoker] The Last of the Red Hot Vampires by [Katie MacAlister]
The Last Vampire by [Christopher Pike] The Last Watch by [Sergei Lukyanenko]
The Laughing Corpse by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton] The Lunatic Cafe by [Laurell Kaye Hamilton]
The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove by [Christopher Moore] The Mark of the Vampire Queen by [Joey W. Hill]
The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death by [Charlie Huston] The Night Watch by [Sergei Lukyanenko]
The Nymph King by [Gena Showalter] The Passage by [Justin Cronin]
The Pistol Poets by [Victor Gischler] The Queen Of The Damned by [Anne Rice]
The Reckoning by [Kelley Armstrong] The Reluctant Vampire by [Lynsay Sands]
The Return Midnight by [L.J.Smith] The Return Nightfall by [L.J.Smith]
The Return Shadow Souls by [L.J.Smith] The Ripper by [L.J.Smith]
The Shotgun Rule by [Charlie Huston] The Source by [Brian Lumley]
The Struggle by [L.J.Smith] The Swan Thieves by [Elizabeth Kostova]
The Sword in the Grotto by [Angie Sage] The Tale of the Body Thief by [Anne Rice]
The Truth by [Terry Pratchett] The Twilight Watch by [Sergei Lukyanenko]
The Undead Next Door by [Kerrelyn Sparks] The Vampire Armand by [Anne Rice]
The Vampire Lestat by [Anne Rice] The Vampire Queen's Servant by [Joey W. Hill]
The Vampire's Bride by [Gena Showalter] The Van Alen Legacy by [Melissa de la Cruz]
Those Who Hunt The Night by [Barbara Hambly] Three Bedrooms One Corpse by [Charlaine Harris]
Thud by [Terry Pratchett] Torment by [Lauren Kate]
Traveling With The Dead by [Barbara Hambly] Turn Coat by [Jim Butcher]
Twice Bitten by [Chloe Neill] Twilight by [Stephenie Meyer]
Unclean Spirits by [Daniel Abraham] Unseen Academicals by [Terry Pratchett]
Untamed by [Kristin Cast]
Vampire A Go Go by [Victor Gischler] Vampire Academy by [Richelle Mead]
Vampire Brat by [Angie Sage] Vampire Mine by [Kerrelyn Sparks]
Vampire Sunrise by [Carole Nelson Douglas] Vampire's Bride by [Gena Showalter]
Vamps and the City by [Kerrelyn Sparks] Veil of Midnight by [Lara Adrian]
Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home by [Michele Bardsley] Waking the Witch by [Kelley Armstrong]
Wamphyri by [Brian Lumley] White Witch Black Curse by [Kim Harrison]
Witchlight by [L.J.Smith] Wolfsbane and Mistletoe by [Charlaine Harris]
Zen and the Art of Vampires by [Katie MacAlister]
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